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6 Word Games That Will Help Boost Your Memory

There are many word games that can help you to improve your memory. We will go over 6 word games below. Some of these word games are easy, while others require more brainpower. No matter which word game you choose, it is sure to be a fun way for you …

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Are There ‘Cognitive Benefits’ to ‘Cognitive Training’?

If you’re like me, you probably have an innate suspicion of any kind of “brain training”, “mental training” or “cognition-enhancing nootropics”. After all, we already know what the brain is capable of — it doesn’t need to be trained to remember things, does it? And yet research shows that cognitive …

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7 Keys to Optimal and Healthy Living

The life of the XXI century man has changed, due to the general globalization of the planet, which has revolutionized our entire environment: information, fashions, trends, technology, travel, migrations … Life has accelerated, and we have the perception that time passes faster and there is no time at all. We …

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