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Why Prototyping is Important and How it Can Save Money in 2024

If you ever had a great idea that you want to pitch to your boss or a product release you want to do withing your company, but felt that there is a great risk for it to be a failure, you need to consider options. And that other option is …

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Luke Lazarus – The Serial Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

We have all heard that a majority of new startups fail. The statistics specifically tell us that 90 percent of these businesses fail within five years of opening their doors. This is a troubling statistic because the economy appears to be slowing down. Notably, the quality of available jobs is …

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The Best Business Motivational Quotes To Inspire Small Business Owners

Derived from the word ‘motive’ which means desires, dreams, and wants within an individual, motivation plays an important part in helping people achieve their goals by stimulating and inspiring them to take action and work hard towards accomplishing everything they wish for. In the business world, motivation is the desire, …

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