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How to Change Your Last Name on Your Social Security Card

We all know that we may be eligible for social security at some point in our lives, but how much do we know about our social security cards? For example, did you know that your social security number allows the government to keep track of your lifetime earnings? Or that …

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How CRM for eCommerce is Changing Online Retail

Selling online in today’s cluttered space is challenging. But forward-thinking retailers are staying ahead of the curve and ever-changing climate of this arena by using technology to their advantage. This is found in things like their marketing software, shopping cart service, pay per click ads, funnel analyzers, eCommerce CRM, and …

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Life-Changing Question: Tips for the Perfect Proposal

It’s hard to think about the perfect proposal that fits every situation. After all, proposals are specific to the couple, which means what works for one might not necessarily work for another. There’s also the severe anxiety many people end up feeling when they consider popping the question. What if …

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