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9 Case Interview Preparation Tips and Tricks in 2021

Case interviews are extremely important if you want to build your career in consulting. Almost all consulting firms have case interviews as a part of their selection process. If you are familiar with some of the top consulting firms such as BCG, Bain, and Mckinsey, you must have an idea …

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6 Training Tactics to Strengthen Your Sales Team in 2021

Effective salespeople are driven, results-oriented and creative. Although those traits make them natural leaders, it can make them a challenge to manage and train. Senior salespeople, in particular, aren’t going to sit through mindless e-learning sessions. If they see a certain process as inefficient, don’t be surprised if they ignore …

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Self Confidence Equals Success At The Workplace

Confidence can be a determining factor in getting you over the finish line and bring success in your professional career. Self-confidence cannot only get you through an arduous project but many times it rubs-off onto others and makes you shine as a leader in the workplace. In a recent interview …

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