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Is a Car Accident Considered a Crime Scene?

Is a Car Accident Considered a Crime Scene

Car accidents claim over 38,000 lives per year in the United States. In addition, car crashes result in over 4.7 million injuries annually, with some leading to permanent disabilities such as traumatic brain injuries and paralysis. With so many accidents happening across the nation’s roads, an important question arises – …

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Do You Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident that Wasn’t Your Fault

For most of people, a car is not just a vehicle that will transport them from one place to another. It will maybe sound silly when we say this, but most car drivers consider their vehicle as a member of the family. More precisely, they are emotionally connected to their …

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5 Steps To Take To Protect Your Rights After A Car Accident

You have planned your vacation to pass without a hitch. You checked everything, packed the family, took basic medication, took out all the fuses in the house. What you couldn’t plan for was a collision with another vehicle on the way to your summer destination. Do not let this inconvenience …

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