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What Is A DeFi Protocol And Why It Is Important?

In the world of cryptocurrency, we’re always looking for the next best thing. But one thing that attracts a lot of attention recently is the DeFi protocol. DeFi stands for decentralized finance, and DeFi is a service that eliminates the need for a middleman to send money from one place …

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5 Pros and Cons of Paying With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has truly been revolutionizing things from the very moment it stepped onto the scene more than ten years ago. Within the decade or so, it has changed how many perceive finance, economy, and the very future of our species and society. Cryptocurrencies that came after and that are still …

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A Summary About The Best Forex Signal App

Doing forex trading means dealing with an extremely volatile market and inexperienced traders can lose substantial sums in a blink of an eye if they do not pay attention. That is why both new and experienced FX traders are looking around for a simple and easy way to get forex …

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