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A Brief History of the Bitcoin

The majority of the attractive fields of business have a long history. Things are different when we talk about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This field/topic is quite young and its’ history is not too long. However, it had a huge impact on today’s world. That is a good proof of …

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Why Bitcoin is Rising?

You probably know that Bitcoin has a finite supply. This means that only 21 million Bitcoin are allowed to be in existence. Hence, the value of this cryptocurrency depends highly on this key factor. Despite all the uncertainties which surrounded Bitcoin ever since its beginning, the cryptocurrency has kept rising. …

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How the Blockchain Wallet Fits in the Online World

Where do you keep your money? The obvious answer for most people is a wallet. Nowadays, thanks to all technological advancements, the wallet isn’t always associated with a physical object inside your pocket. Instead, there is a blockchain wallet. Blockchain has revolutionized the payments. It introduced the cryptocurrencies, which are …

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