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Culture in El Salvador – 2021 Travel Guide

Today let’s look at El Salvador one of the smallest and most densely populated Central American countries and uncover some tasty facts that may even surprise you. Culture Despite its relatively small size, there are many unique and interesting facts about El Salvador worth exploring further. Majestic architecture, inspiring literature, …

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Malayalam Music – Origins and History

If you are a fan of music, and you love exploring new sorts of it, Malayalam music is definitely something that you should take a further look at. Not many people know about this but Malayalam music origins from India, and it is actually quite different than the Tamil Music …

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Why Living in Buenos Aires is a Good Idea

If your plan is to go to South America but want to stay in a European-looking country, Buenos Aires seems a good compromise. Life there is very similar to a European City, indeed Argentinian culture. The megalopolis Argentina has inherited the passage of different European cultures, especially Italian and Spanish …

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