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Do Dental Implants Discolor? Know how to Take Care of your Dental Implants

Getting dental implants in Singapore could be your best way of restoring missing or severely damaged teeth. They guarantee you a reliable natural-looking teeth restoration that is durable and can last well over 30 years. Even though dental implants provide patients with a durable, natural-looking finish, one question that bothers …

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How to Keep Dental Crowns Clean

Dental crowns are caps, usually made in the shape of a tooth. They are placed over an existing tooth to improve its appearance or to strengthen or restore its size and shape. Dental crowns are installed for a variety of reasons, including: Restoring the shape of a misshapen tooth. Protecting …

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6 Innovations in Modern Cosmetic Dentistry

It is said that the first thing we notice in a person is their teeth. Because of that, we want to have the perfect teeth and always have the brightest smile. There are a lot of things we can do to protect our teeth and to make sure that they …

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