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How to Use Modules in App Development

Information technology can easily turn from an engine of progress into a deterrent. This happens most often because any information system has its own functional limitations. Modern trends in the development of information systems require designers to include in the architecture of systems the ability to dynamically expand their functionality. …

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Top 10 No Code Software Development Platforms

Have you ever heard success stories about those businesses that started in someone’s garage and became the most prominent companies? Yes, we all love to hear about the business growing and getting success. Today’s no-code app builder allows the business to be the underdogs encouraging them to develop business without …

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Robotic Trends – Top 8 Predictions in 2020

In 2019, cobots and industrial robots ruled, showing the direction in which the business should go when it comes to automating the processes. That year is now behind us and it brought a lot of positive things to the table in the world of robotics. But we need to look …

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