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Guide to a New Life in Spain

Moving to another country will always bring a whole new set of rules, and while Spain is a lot closer to home for British ex-pats than Australia or the US, there are many differences new arrivals must accept, as we found out three decades ago, when we came from the …

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How Can an ELD Save Truck Drivers Time and Money in 2021

One of the biggest misconceptions about electronic logging devices (ELD) is that they can benefit only the trucking companies, not the drivers themselves. While it is true that ELDs help keeps drivers honest, they can also benefit from them,. You can check out Latest News about ELD Mandate bestelddevices.com. It …

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Drunk Driving: Frequently Asked Questions

One of the scariest driving violations that you can have is a DUI. Most people go out of their way to avoid being charged with such a crime. At the same time, most drivers are unaware of the conditions that can get them into trouble. If you are a part …

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