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5 Dubai Places to Visit 2021 – Travel Guide

What comes to your mind when you plan a holiday in Dubai? Dubai has the most exquisite views and adventures that most of us are aware of, but there is the other side of Dubai, less explored. If you are an offbeat traveler, these 5 places will bring you closer …

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The Most Desirable Luxurious Properties in the UAE

It all started some 2 million years ago, in the Stone Age, where men used caves for shelter and protection. Throughout history, houses continued to evolve and change. Today, many of them are not simply structures that provide shelter and safety, but also displays of art with their impressive architecture …

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Price of Car Insurance in Dubai – Basics and How To Calculate

When speaking about car insurance, Dubai is famous for insisting and following rigorous laws. This is mandatory for anyone driving a vehicle in Dubai, and ensuring the safety of your car is a logical step. The UAE Insurance Authority took precautionary measures while working on factors that determine the total …

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