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6 Ways to Reach a Healthy Weight – 2023 Guide

Losing and maintaining a healthy weight is a significant problem for most people. After trying many things, it is hard to achieve a healthy lifestyle with proper body movement and good eating habits. Crash dieting and lots of exercises are not the only solutions to balance your weight. Everybody is …

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How Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Occurs In Athletes?

PFD or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a common health condition that impacts men and women. Activities like heavy lifting, holding deep breaths, coughing hard, and intense workouts can increase pressure inside the abdominal cavity and severely strain the muscles. The pelvic floor muscles are quite similar to normal skeletal muscles. …

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Workout Tips and Tricks for Coronavirus Self-Isolation

It is tough to describe the period that we are dealing with currently. The Coronavirus crisis changed the entire world. How the entire world will function after everything comes to an end is something that we do not know. Yet, something that we do know is that we need to …

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