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7 Most Common Myths About Hair Wigs – 2023 Guide

There is a huge number of misconceptions and myths about the wigs, and due to these myths, most women won’t feel comfortable while wearing them. These misconceptions include that wigs might look fake, they cost too much, or they could damage the hair, etc. However, regardless of all the myths, …

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Summer wedding hairstyles for every bride

Hairstyles for the wedding are one of the biggest dilemmas of the future bride after the wedding dress (of course, there are appearance dilemmas!). Then how to choose the best hairstyle for your wedding? If we find it difficult to decide on something specific, let’s try out a few variants. …

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Sew in hair extensions for a caucasian

The world of hair extensions can seem a bit scary for someone who doesn’t have any experience. You might be worried that it’s not for you, but you really want to have that beautiful hairstyle you saw on your favorite actress. Well, don’t worry, hair extensions are there for everyone! …

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