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Skincare Tips for Men With Oily Skin

Skincare is something that is usually discussed by women. But this does not mean that this is something that exclusively concerns them. There is nothing in skincare that brands it as a ‘feminine’ activity. As it happens, both men and women alike experience issues like breakouts and oily skin.  Solutions …

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How to Blur Faces in Video with Filmora

Filmora is a popular app to blur faces in the video (and a whole suite of other video editing features and functions!). Many vloggers and content creators use this unique feature to eliminate distractions from their content while protecting the privacy of those who happen to get in their shots. …

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Should you Think about Fighting Wrinkles in Your 20s?

Statistically, your skin is in its prime when you’re in your twenties.  Sure, we still have to deal with hormonal and environmental issues like acne and sun damage.  In your twenties, your skin generally still retains the ability to snap back from these issues.  Many people think this lasts forever.  …

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