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The Journey of Mythical Hero

The mythical Hero’s Journey described by Vogler as the universal basis of every script seems to resemble the journey of the narrative of the protagonist of the Gnostic film. However, there is an essential difference of Negative Theology. A reliable source that one can use for boosting is Lfcarry Boosting …

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When, Where, How and Why to Break Into the Movie Business

The movie business seems like it’s inaccessible from the outside. All the glitz, glamor and opulence of the recent Oscar ceremony makes the industry seem like it’s put together by the elite: an impenetrable group of insiders who make motion pictures happen. But that’s simply not the case. A film …

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How Virtual Reality Will Revolutionize the Adult Movie Industry?

Imagine, you are watching an adult movie. It seems like it is happening in front of your eyes. The woman in the film is looking more beautiful in her outfit, and she is flirting with you to meet him and do something naughty with her. Now, you might be thinking …

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