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10 Safety Tips for Grilling – 2020 Guide

For those who enjoy outdoor cooking, few activities can rival the fun of preparing meat and vegetables over a charcoal grill. For the novice, it seems like a simple operation. You light the charcoal and throw the food on the grill. Anytime that you mix human beings and fire, you …

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The Secrets to Senior Fire Safety

Fire safety is important at any age, but it’s especially top of mind as you grow older. For many people, aging comes with reduced mobility that affects how quickly you can react in an emergency. You may rely on mobility tools to get around, or you may simply move slower …

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5 Tips For Home Fire Safety & Protection

Fire protection is one of the basic things to think about when it comes to safety. Protecting a home from fire is just as important as protecting any public facility. Unfortunately, there are rarely any homes that have a fire extinguisher, and if any – there are few who know …

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