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Top 13 Tips for Pool Landscaping

A pool that has the “wow factor” is more than just the pool itself. Its surroundings and landscaping make up a huge proportion of its overall appeal. A well-designed pool ties in with the existing layout of the yard as well as the exterior of the home. To get the …

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Polished Concrete Floors Can Make a Better Home: Here’s How

Flooring isn’t just about aesthetics or about finding the cheapest option. It can also be about finding something that improves the overall state of your home – making it more beautiful, more cohesive, healthier, and easier to manage and maintain. And polished concrete is a great candidate for all of …

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Guide To Installing Vinyl Plank Flooring In A Bathroom

When you are looking for new flooring for your bathroom, it can be hard to decide what type of material is best. The most popular choice by far is vinyl plank flooring. It’s durable, low-maintenance and there are plenty of styles available. But some people have asked if they should …

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