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10 Incredible Tips to Help You Fast Safely

There are various ways you can fast. You can do intermittent, water, or fruit fasting. Among all these, intermittent is the most common one. It involves avoiding or restricting your food consumption for a specific period. Intermittent fasting has a wide range of health benefits. The benefits include boosting the …

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What is Holistic Sports Nutrition – The New Avenue Of Nutrition

The days of assuming that great build or well-proportioned body can be achieved simply by taking in a high-calorie diet and vigorous exercise are coming to a close and opening up the floor to the more contemporary concept of “holistic sports nutrition“. “Holistic” refers to the acknowledgment of the sportsperson …

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9 Vietnamese Desserts You Need Try When Visiting – In 2022

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most savoury and delicious in the world. They’re known for their spicy foods and tasty dishes, but what many don’t talk about are their delicious treats and desserts. One of the staples of the Vietnamese desserts is that they’re mostly made from fresh ingredients, …

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