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Things You Most Likely Do Not Know About World Of Warcraft

People oftentimes say that they know everything about World Of Warcraft. This is especially the case when referring to the really experienced players. However, in reality, the WOW phenomenon is much larger than most people realize. While there are so many different things that can be highlighted, here are some …

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Why Valorant Could be the Biggest Game Release of the Decade

Valorant is getting closer to its official launch, and people are already itching to get their hands on Riot’s first-person tactical shooter. More importantly, the experts at TopGamersGuide have several reasons to believe that Valorant could be one of, if not THE biggest game release of the Decade. Let’s take …

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Is Dota 2 the Most Popular Esports Game in the World

The world of video games has really taken a turn in the last five or so years. Nowadays, the gaming industry is among the most lucrative branches of entertainment, drawing in millions of fans and generating billions of dollars in revenue. Thanks to such phenomena as video games content on …

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