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5 Tips on How to Install Your Furnace

What is a furnace? When asked to ‘turn up the heat’ or heater, you’re usually referring to the furnace. The furnace is an enclosed structure made from metal, such as stainless steel or aluminum, with parts, motors, and ducts that assist in managing the flow and direction of the air. …

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Benefits of Gas Heated Hot Water Systems

A water heated system makes your home a better and more comfortable place to live in especially in the cold seasons. There is nothing worse than having to wait for the water to heat so you can wash the dishes or take a shower after a long day. Water heating …

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Let’s Shed Some Light on the Epoxy Resin Insulator

Current transformers can be sealed using different materials, which include epoxy resin, oil, or gas. The insulators are helpful, especially to the outdoor transformers. This is because they protect them against the forces of nature, like rain, high altitude, and UV rays. Companies like, Guangdong Sihui Instrument Works has worked …

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