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8 Health Benefits of Playing Golf as an Adult

Many people think golf is a sport for rich persons, and they avoid playing it, without knowing it has a lot of health benefits for them. Every sport has a lot of positive effects on your physical and mental health. Many people miss these benefits because they think golf is …

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Beginners Guide on how to Start Playing Golf

Playing this game, for most beginners, requires extensive on-course training. It takes patience and dedication to learn the tricks of the game before you can comfortably win a game against experienced players. However, with so many beginner guides on the web, things can get a little confusing. Thus, before you …

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How to Increase Your Driver Distance – 2023 Guide

Do you like to play golf? Well, since you are reading “how to increase your driver distance”, there is no doubt that you are interested in this sport. If we are right, you are one of 24 million players of this interesting sport worldwide, according to some statistics from 2019. …

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