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Is a Hair Transplant Painful?

A hair transplant is a procedure of adding hair to body areas that are bald, and if it is successful, the new hairs will start growing soon, renewing, and restoring the targeted areas. But, in order to understand this intervention better, we will try to explain how it’s done, and …

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The Science of Hair Loss, Explained

Do you know what is truly responsible for your hair loss? Believe it or not, there may be a scientific reason behind it falling out. Many will attribute stress, poor nutrition, and heat styling tools as being to blame for its loss, but the reality is that it goes a …

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PRP for Hair Loss: Is It Safe and Effective?

Hair loss can impact men and women of all ages. While very often, there are underlying health concerns that can be treated, and in turn, encourages hair growth, some types of hair loss are a bit more challenging to treat. Over-the-counter hair remedies can lead to itching, inflammation, and often …

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