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Are Heat Recovery Ventilators the Answer for Better Air Quality and to Cut Heating Bills?

The utility bill is something that is treated with some anxiousness during any cold spell, and especially during the chilly winter months. Unless you are keeping an eagle eye on the meter and taking regular readings, the cost of a colder than expected winter can take a surprisingly big bite …

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How Tube Heat Exchangers Work – Basic Components and Design

If you ever visited an industrial plant, it is likely that you came across a tube heat exchanger. These are one of the most common heat exchangers available since they are cheaper to manufacture, require no additional energy to work, and are reliable for the long-term. Shell and tube exchangers …

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Introduction To Industrial Flue Gas Heat Recovery – Learn the Basics

Flue gas is often time seen as a waste product since it is a mixture of exhausted combustions. Flue gas is generated mainly through ovens, industrial complexes, and large scale production facilities that are producing it on a large scale. Since flue gas is labeled as a product of waste, …

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