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How to Keep Dental Crowns Clean

Dental crowns are caps, usually made in the shape of a tooth. They are placed over an existing tooth to improve its appearance or to strengthen or restore its size and shape. Dental crowns are installed for a variety of reasons, including: Restoring the shape of a misshapen tooth. Protecting …

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5 Reasons Why Good Dental Hygiene Is So Important

Oral health is an essential part of general health – and so it is of main importance for functioning and quality of life. Good oral and dental hygiene affects the prevention of many diseases that are often not related only to the oral cavity. The most common diseases of the …

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Food Storage Solutions Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Managing a restaurant involves syncing hundreds of processes to ensure everything runs smoothly, like cogs in a well-oiled machine. As any restaurateur knows, the quality and freshness of the food they serve are reflective in the level of the customer’s satisfaction and crucial for the continuity of their business. Choosing …

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