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Are There ‘Cognitive Benefits’ to ‘Cognitive Training’?

If you’re like me, you probably have an innate suspicion of any kind of “brain training”, “mental training” or “cognition-enhancing nootropics”. After all, we already know what the brain is capable of — it doesn’t need to be trained to remember things, does it? And yet research shows that cognitive …

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6 Tips to Improve the Success of Your Business

The world of business is difficult. If you run a company and you find it isn’t really growing at the rate that you’d like, you’ll be looking to take steps to improve your success and grow the business. Here are six important things that you should definitely be doing to …

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CBD for Anxiety: How does it Work? – 2021 Guide

The World Health Organization identifies anxiety as the world’s leading mental health disorder, with one in 13 people living with it. Researches show that the condition’s prevalence is going up by the day, meaning our current methods of combating it are inept, and we need to come up with new …

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