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Why Encapsulating your Crawl Space Can Save you Money?

Every person who is a homeowner knows how important it is to regularly maintain their homes. When you don’t do that, you risk spending thousands of dollars on damage assessment and restorations, and in addition to this, you risk the safety and health of everyone who lives in that house. …

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11 Ways to Prepare Your House for the Winter

When you have a home, it is essential to take proper care of it. This includes seasonal repairs and upgrades that will protect a house during the winter when there is severe weather. Indiana has rough weather conditions throughout the winter with high winds, cold temperatures and a lot of …

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Top 10 Winter Camping Tips To Help You Stay Warm

You’re losing out on some excellent days in the outdoors if you regularly store your camping gear over the winter and leave it shelved until spring. The barren trees expose mountain views that you can’t get in the summer. While the chilly temperatures keep the crowds away, giving you a …

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