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Tailwind CSS Vs. Bootstrap, Which Is Better?

Styling is the backbone of excellent frontend user interface design. With time, a lot of styling languages have been developed to make it easier for programmers. I am sure that any programmer is aware of Bootstrap, but I am not sure how many are aware of Tailwind CSS. This article …

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9 Strategies That Improve Your SAT Writing Score In 2021

SAT writing has been very important in the admission and assessment of the students in various colleges and universities. It’s a great contributor to everyone’s academic life as well as a professional journey. Its emergence and popularity demand that you improve the SAT writing score. This will expose and allow …

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How Swahili Became the King of African Languages?

Swahili, Swaheli or Kiswahili belongs to the Niger-Congo language family, specifically to the group of Bantu. It is used throughout Africa but is most important in the following countries. In Tanzania, it is the main, national language. While in Kenya and Uganda it is official, although English and some others …

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