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How To Reform Old Leather – 2023 Guide

Leather jackets or coats, pouch, hat, gloves, shoes, boots are always in trend. Patterns change over time, as do colors, but leather clothing and footwear is always in vogue. Of course, the skin must be carefully cleaned and maintained to use for years and retain quality, radiance, and originality. But …

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What Dresses Are in Style For 2023?

Dresses are a must-have during warmer temperatures, but you might have gotten bored of the dresses you wore during the 2019 summer/fall season. If so, you are probably contemplating going on a well-deserved shopping spree which might cause you to think – what is in style for 2023? Luckily for …

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5 Tips to Maintain and Care for Leather Backpacks – 2023 Guide

Leather has been used for clothing, accessories, bags, and all kinds of trinkets for thousands of years. Today, we still use it for those same things. Although, today, it is more about the aesthetics of the material, the quality, and durability. This is probably the reason why backpacks and other …

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