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How To Become Bulk SMS Aggregator

Bulk messaging plays an important role in business promotion. The SMS aggregator offers a variety of options and configurable parameters. They are a must-have for business owners who have decided to use bulk mailouts to notify their clients about current promotions and offers. SMS services feature multiple settings. This makes …

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How to Unsubscribe from Unwanted Newsletters

Is your inbox cluttered with promotional emails and newsletters, and you receive dozen of new ones every day? Not only is this extremely annoying, but an important, work-related email can get lost among others and you may miss it. When it comes to deleting and organizing emails, sometimes it seems …

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5 Reasons Why SMS Marketing is Still Relevant in 2023

Where do you stand when it comes to SMS, do you send them or receive still to this day? Although a lot of people have switched and went with social media as their main way of communication, a lot of companies still swear & believe in the power of SMS …

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