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Pamper Your Skin with Organic Hair Removal Treatment

In this beauty-driven world, the use of chemical products is increasing drastically. From skin whitening creams to hair removal treatments, everything is ruled by chemicals. It is time to understand that these chemical products and treatments are doing more harm than good. They may help attain radiant, flawless, and hairless …

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6 Cleaning Tips and Reuse Methods for KN95 Masks

The global covid-19 pandemic changed the way we live, and so in 2021, wearing protective masks is a part of our everyday life. Purchasing a new mask every morning can slowly become a serious monthly cost. This is why most people try to search for masks that can be reused. …

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A Guide to Radiotherapy – All you Need to Know

Radiotherapy is a ‘targeted treatment’ used in the treatment of cancer with the intention to shrink, destroy or interrupt the processes of cancer cells. The intention of radiotherapy can be to try and cure the cancer or reduce the tumour size in preparation or after another treatment method, such as …

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