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OK Boomer: The Wealth Gap Between Baby Boomers and Millennials

The wealth gap between baby boomers and millennials is easy to explain, but it is rooted in several different things. When you are wondering why millennials have less money, you need to look at how they got there. If you are not sure how baby boomers are doing so well, …

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The Importance of The Internet in Today’s World

The Internet these days is like oxygen. You feel almost suffocated when you are offline for even a second. This at least what it is like for the Millennials. Older generations can somewhat go by their day without just fine. So, what basically is the internet and why is it …

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Sports Drink: Should You Consider It to Be Your Primary Hydration Source?

If you ever watch sports or follow a sportsperson on Instagram, you have probably observed athletes drinking bright-colored beverages from fancy bottles or shakers during, before, and after a game. These sports drinks are a crucial part of an athlete’s life and hence, have become a gigantic business worldwide. For …

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