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Benefits and How to Promote Your Business With Neon Signs in 2022

Neon signs have been used from the ’50s and during the ‘80s and ‘90s neon signs saw a huge growth in popularity. Businesses, hotels, motels, restaurants, coffee shops, barbers, all used to have a neon sign in their shop windows and the trend did not die out even today. If …

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9 Advantages Of Using Neon Signs for Business Marketing In 2022

Did you know that there are loads of different advantages that you can enjoy and experience with the right use of neon signs or lights when it comes to your business? People who are in business marketing will enjoy this perk the most. Neon signs have been around for 60 …

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Weddings & Events Are The Perfect Match With Neon

The wedding season starts in the spring, and the trends change every year. Some of the new trends and ideas for weddings also concern lighting – which we want to serve as inspiration for you in the beautiful world of weddings. Neon has become one of the more popular trends …

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