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When will Manufacturing Recover?

The speed of recovery of financial markets is the subject of discussion by many economic experts dealing with this topic. For now, there is no general view on how the crisis caused by the virus pandemic will end or at what pace the recovery will go. Addressing the very cause …

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Why Could SEO be Helpful During The Pandemic of COVID-19?

Many people had never experienced a pandemic before the outbreak of COVID-19. Reports have shown that people have found it challenging to react to the COVID-19 epidemic. This deadly disease outbreak has affected businesses and economies across the globe. Worrying about when this pandemic will end has done nothing for …

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Ruslan Goryukhin Helps the School during a Pandemic

The education system is short of funds due to the transition to online technology. Charitable assistance from Ruslan Goryukhin to the school «Or Menachem». The COVID-19 pandemic has caused fundamental changes to the work of educational institutions, including in Russia. In mid-March, the Ministry of Education recommended that Russian schools switch to …

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