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Systems Documentation: Is it Essential and Necessary to Develop?

Much is discussed, and there are several controversies about the need for systems documentation. For example, in traditional methodologies, it is usually required. In agile methods, this formality has little emphasis because one of the values ​​of the so-called Agile Manifesto for Software Development says that “working software comes before …

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The Practical Guidance From Prototype To Production

When a design has been made, a prototype is manufactured to estimate the feasibility of the design. To create the prototype, some amount of manufacturing technology development is necessary. Some people may think that once a design has been proven, the product can be mass-manufactured just like that since the …

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What Can You Learn From Background Checks

When most people think about a background check, they always relate it to a simple criminal history check. However, a background check can be much more than that. It is a process with which you can find out everything about a person by looking at various education, employed and criminal …

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