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The Importance of Regular Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Regular kitchen hood cleaning is crucial and in some places even required by law depending on what your profession is. If we’re talking about the average home-kitchen type of hood, you don’t have many benefits other than maintaining the hygiene in the one place you prepare all your meals at. …

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The Importance of Restaurant Appliances Maintenance

After using cooking appliances for a while, we might think their quality is still the same as long as they can keep up the performance. That explains why some restaurant owners also think we do not need to check and fix all these tools frequently. However, you should understand the …

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Food Storage Solutions Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

Managing a restaurant involves syncing hundreds of processes to ensure everything runs smoothly, like cogs in a well-oiled machine. As any restaurateur knows, the quality and freshness of the food they serve are reflective in the level of the customer’s satisfaction and crucial for the continuity of their business. Choosing …

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