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5 Ways Analytics Can Help In Retail Price Optimization

Pricing is one of the vital ways to improve your profits and grow your business. But it is the most difficult to get right. Price optimization is about finding the perfect price for your products such that you are making a profit and your customers are willing to pay that …

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How Modern Technology is Changing the Face of Retail

Once upon a time, retail simply meant a physical store. People were often limited to the stores in their immediate area and the world of retail was often very insular because of it. Fast forward to 2019 and technology has quickly made its mark on retail, transforming it from what …

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5 Reasons Why Your Retail Needs to Use a Planogram – A 2023 Guide

Besides having customers and making sales, one of the things that can ensure the success of any brick and mortar store is actually utilizing the area efficiently. However, outlining how you’ll utilize the space you’ll be paying for is not always easy. From splitting goods into sections to guessing where …

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