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Online Games: Why Are They So Successful?

As the speed of the internet becomes increasingly fast in different regions of the world, the choice of activities and things to do on the wide web have increased significantly. Online gaming is among the leading trends and a major area of growth in many jurisdictions for numerous reasons that …

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Is Blogging Worth It?

Blogging has become a key feature of many marketeer’ digital strategies. But with the rise of video content, podcasts and social media is writing a blog still worth it? After all, the internet is swamped with over 600 million blogs according to recent research. So, with millions of articles published …

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How to Launch a Successful IT Start-up – In 2021

The SYPWAI platform is the most promising project aimed at developing artificial intelligence. Anyone can contribute to the development of the latest technologies. Artificial intelligence is a modern solution to global problems There is an opinion that it makes no sense to enter the IT-sphere – all niches are occupied, …

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