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Humanity: The Link Between Empathy And Responsibility

The question that is being asked more and more often is: Has the suffering been such a great deal before, or are we’re just more aware of now it because of its presence in the media? Speaking of media – social media has also become a source of frequent ruthless …

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5 Smart Reasons To Choose Costa Rica for Volunteering

Translated into English, Costa Rica means rich coast and the country has earned its name. Filled with breathtaking scenery, diverse wildlife, and warm and friendly people, this festive and incredibly adventurous destination might the perfect place to visit if you want to have an amazing, yet extremely meaningful travel experience. …

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Volunteer Abroad – Learning Spanish Through Volunteering

Volunteering in a foreign country is something that has tons of benefits, with one of them being what is considered to be the best one, and that’s learning the native tongue. When we talk about learning the Spanish language specifically, there are about twelve countries that you can choose from, …

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