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Welding Equipment and Tools used in Industries

To weld is to permanently connect two different pieces of metal by melting them with a high enough temperature. There are at least ten things around you that have probably been welded one way or another. If you are in your work’s office, then you are probably sitting on a …

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6 Essential Tools You Need For Welding – 2022 Guide

Tools are what help any professional do their work. But regardless if you’re pursuing welding as a career or simply as a hobby, there are a set of tools that you can acquire that will let you do your job without breaking the bank. When it comes to welding, there …

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Popular Types of Welding Machines Used By Skilled Welders

There are two types of welding: manual and automatic. Manual is the one that uses a torch to heat the metal and the machine to “heat” the metal to fuse it. There are a few different varieties of manual processes, and one of them is used for bending metal. This …

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