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Four Most Common Mining Industry Challenges of Today

As in any business, workers within the mining industry face their own challenges. There are several things that have drastic effects on shaping mining today and because of that, some companies are under a constraint strain to innovate and drive efficiencies through productivity. Most importantly, as the carbon footprint of …

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7 Tips for Managing an Offshore Platform

In the business world, companies face great challenges on a daily basis. Modern reality requires them to be more agile in customer satisfaction. However, this critical place in the oil and gas industry contains a very complicated security system. The reason is the great risk of numerous dangers and accidents …

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How To Stay Safe At Work During The Pandemic In 2023

Your chances of catching the COVID-19 virus are high when you’re near an infected person or if you’re constantly exposed to a crowded environment. One of the solutions imposed on many areas to prevent the spread of the virus is by transitioning to remote work. Many employees were allowed to …

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