Team Building Activities

5 Types Of Team Building Activities Your Team Will Actually Love

Does your team need a little boost? Team building activities are a great way to unite your team and help them work better as a unit. But not all team-building activities are created equal. You want something that will actually be fun and beneficial for your team, not just another boring company-mandated event. Here are five types of team-building activities your team will love.

1. Scavenger hunts – get your team working together to find hidden objects around the office or in a designated area

Scavenger hunts are great team-building exercises tailored to suit any office. Teams work together to find hidden objects within the office or in a designated area that can build morale and unify the group as they hunt for treasures. There is no better way to foster collaboration, problem-solving, and communication skills than through this exciting game of hide-and-seek. It also encourages team members to interact with each other, promotes creativity, and helps everyone get to know each other better in a fun, pressure-free environment.

2. Minute to win it games – create teams and have them compete against each other in simple yet challenging tasks


Get your team up and moving with some friendly competition by organizing Minute to Win It games! Divide the team into smaller groups, or have 1-on-1 competitions. Not only will it bring out the competitive side of people, helping them build camaraderie and foster collaboration, but you can also make this part of your helping hands program! It would be an excellent way for everyone to let their hair down and enjoy helping each other instead of simply going through generic helping activities. Plus, overcoming obstacles creates a sense of victory that will energize everyone.

3. DIY projects – come up with a project that everyone can work on together, such as building a gingerbread house or decorating cookies

DIY projects

Regarding team-building activities, DIY projects can be a fantastic way to get everyone involved and have fun. Creating something as a team allows employees to work together creatively and collaboratively. Have your team develop a project that everyone can work on, such as building a gingerbread house or decorating cookies. Not only can these activities help build relationships within your team, but they can also provide valuable learning opportunities to problem-solve and use different skills. From shopping for supplies to participating in personal baking challenges, the possibilities are endless when crafting unique DIY projects that all your coworkers will enjoy!

4. Board game night – break out some classic board games or try something new that requires teamwork

Board game night is the perfect activity to liven up the office and bring a new social dynamic to your team. Break out classic experiences like Monopoly, Clue, or Scrabble, or try something completely new that requires teamwork, like Pandemic or Escape: The Curse of the Temple. There’s no better way to foster collaboration than breaking away from everyday tasks and having creative, outside-the-box fun together. Plus, still vying for the title in a wild game of Battleship never gets old!

5. Movie night – choose a movie that is relevant to your industry or company values and host a discussion afterward

Movie night

Movie night is a great way to engage your team in a fun and impactful activity. By choosing a movie relevant to your industry or company values, you can learn more about how team members view their roles within the organization. After watching the movie, discuss how themes within the film resonate with your team and how they might shape future decisions. As a bonus, this conversation encourages employee collaboration and communication without feeling forced into a standard team-building exercise. Give your team something to look forward to and watch movies together while letting them express their thoughts openly!

After reviewing these five activities, it’s evident that team-building activities can be exciting and relevant. The critical point is to choose an activity involving all team members; this could mean having everyone work on a project, or it could mean creating teams and having them compete against each other in friendly competitions. Additionally, ensure that the activity you choose is relevant to either the field you are working in or the company values so everyone can enjoy it (and learn from it). Team building doesn’t need to feel like a chore; instead, it can be fun and valuable for the company and its employees.

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