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5 Benefits of Bio Certified Cosmetics for The Skin – 2023 Guide

While wearing makeup can enhance your self-esteem and personal appearance, it can also expose you to a wide range of health concerns and problems. Various studies concluded that some ingredients in personal and beauty products might be connected to Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, sparking outrage among various experts in the health and wellness communities.

Fortunately for all of us, there are effective alternatives to chemically manufactured beauty and makeup products that are available in the market. In this article, you will be able to read about the benefits of bio certified cosmetics. Let’s take a look at the benefits:

The Benefits of Organic and Natural Cosmetics

1. It is Eco-friendly

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As you already know, cosmetics made from conventionally produced ingredients can have a wide range of negative effects on our environment. The producing of chemical-heavy beauty and health products put those chemicals and many others into the water, air, and even more goes down the drain in your house.

When ingredients from natural beauty and health products are manufactured and farmed organically, which means that there are fewer chemicals in the water and air.

2. You can Avoid Irritation

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Artificial colors, chemicals, and fillers in skincare products and makeup can cause irritation, breakouts, and redness. Most people are even allergic to chemicals that can commonly be found in conventional products. However, with natural makeup, skin and body products will work with your skin instead of working against it.

3. Save your Nose

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Did you know that artificial fragrances are actually used to cover up the smell of the chemicals used in traditional beauty and health products? Well, the effect is that you have a chemical covered up by another chemical and all those chemical smells can cause you to suffer from headaches.

On the other hand, bio certified products smell like their natural ingredients do, not like a cocktail of harmful chemicals. The natural products are scented with natural essential oils which can even provide aromatherapy.

4. No Strange Side Effects

Parabens are used in producing traditional skin products since it extends the shelf life of the products. However, parabens are artificial and they simply mimic your body’s hormones. Most people are concerned that this might alter the functions of their endocrine system. This can cause negative side effects.

But, natural products use natural preservatives such as grapefruit side extract that will not affect your body. And while some individuals have allergies to some natural ingredients such as lanolin, the effect is more understood than the one in artificial ingredients.

5. It is Nutrient-Rich

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According to the experts from Heal Nature, your skin can absorb specific compounds, but a protective layer is able to keep those dangerous compounds out of your body. However, even then, research shows that personal skin products that are applied topically can damage your bodily systems and can lead to various health problems. Keep in mind one of the key rules of beauty products and makeup – if you cannot eat it, do not wear it.


Bio certified products are made from botanical extracts, waxes, mineral pigments, and natural oil that will revitalize your skin and give it a natural shine. And as you can see, there are various reasons why you should buy bio certified products.

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