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The GPS Tracker You Need for Your Outdoor Adventure

The GoFindMe GPS locator is a tracking device that allows you to locate the person or object which has this tracker by itself. This device has a lot of features such as the SOS button, Safe Zone, Off-grid Messages, Real-Time Location. Also, you can share or record the path, and you can use up to three Off-line maps.

The SOS button can be used for emergencies. You can set the button to send an alert to all of the group members and share your location with them instantly. Also, an important feature about the SOS function is that it still works even if your smartphone which is connected to the GPS tracker is powered off.

The Safe Zone option is using Google maps, and you can use it for tracking your kids, pets, or any other person. For this system, you will have to set a range on the map, and the locator will notify you when someone goes beyond that range. This system is especially useful for your kids when they are going to school by themselves.

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The GoFindMe GPS Locator is using a long-range radio technology, which gives you the ability to communicate with other users of this device through off-grid messages and voice messages. This system does not require Wi-Fi or SIM services, and you don’t have to pay any fee at all.

This tracking device can share its coordinates in real-time, so you can always see your, your kids, pets, or the location of anyone who is wearing this device with himself. Also, you can share or save the tracks with the Facebook app.

You can use the maps for various requirements, such as hitchhiking, navigation, or anything else. The GPS tracker can save three types of Google maps, the Google Terrain, Google Map, and Google Satellite. This option can help you to always have the ability to find a person on the map with high accuracy.

If you want to see more details and buy this product online, you should visit The GoFindMe GPS Locator is very easy to install and connect to your smartphone. When you unpack the product, you can use it within a few minutes. You will have to turn it on, share the location, and connect it to your device with the app.

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When it comes to the specifications of this product, it has a battery that can last for three days, it can survive temperatures from minus 20 and up to 60 degrees Celsius. The GoFindMe tracker is completely waterproof, shockproof, and waterproof, which makes him perfect for adventures like Camping, Hiking, Kayaking, and more.

There are many benefits to using this device. You can always look after your kids when they are outside. You can check on your parents when they go for a walk. You will not have to worry about losing in the wild because now you can always determine your precise location. Furthermore, you can set the range of safe zone for your pets or kids, and this device will notify you each time when they go beyond that boundary.

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