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The Rank of Essay Writing Service in Custom writings Market

Essay writing service is ranked top in the custom-writing market. The demand for essays in
quite high compared to the demand for other forms of writings. This demand has created the
need for more suppliers. As a result, more and more people are now offering assignment help.
In fact, if you search for writing service you will discover millions of results. This is in response
to the huge demand.
Millions of students are expected to write good papers to attract good grades. After years of
hard work and sacrifice attending classes, no student wants to fail. The problem is that not
everyone is good at writing essays. It is no wonder many students are choosing to use essay
service from websites like Essaymojo. This explains the top-ranking of the service in the
Now that we know that essay service is top-ranked in the sector, let us look at how to write a
good essay.

How to write a good essay

Essays are types of assignments. Students will always be asked to write papers at all
academic levels. However, writing a good paper requires critical skills. So, what are the steps
to writing a good essay?

1. Read and understand instructions

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Read the instructions and understand them. It is very important that you understand what the
paper is all about. Sometimes, your instructor will give specific rules. Determine if such rules
have been given. During this step, determine what kind of question the essay presents. It may
be critical analysis, argumentative, or compare and contrast essays. Take time and assess
what the paper requires you to do.
Look at the formatting requirements. These may include page numbers, length, spacing, and
font size. Different instructors will have different requirements. Then, notice the citation style
required. Your instructor may require the use of MLA, Chicago, Harvard, or APA style.

Sometimes, these styles are confusing. However, writing service can help you use any
citation style properly. So, if you find yourself struggling, just seek help. This industry may
be your solution.

2. Do research

Now that you have a clear understanding of the question, do research. Find scholarly credible
sources. Use your library’s website. Digital scholarly resources are also useful. If you find it
hard to locate them, consider asking for help. This sector works with professionals who can
help you find the sources within a very short time. Look for reputable and up-to-date sources.
These will give you relevant information. Read the sources before assuming they are correct.
This is especially important when using online sources. Make sure you use only good-quality

3. Draft It

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Start by developing a thesis statement. It should be short and clear. Your reader should get a
clear idea of your paper by just reading a thesis statement. Mostly, developing a thesis
statement is the most challenging thing for students. However, with the help of this industry,
students are now overcoming this challenge.
Create an outline guided by a thesis statement. The thesis statement will be in the introduction
part. This will be followed by body paragraphs. Each paragraph will have a supporting
argument plus evidence. Finally, a conclusion will follow. This is where you summarize your
argument and provide recommendations where necessary. Remember to include a
bibliography. This is the list of the sources used in the academic paper.

4. Write your paper

Guided by your outline, start writing. Provide necessary and relevant information. For a good
flow of ideas, use transition words such as similarly and therefore. These words help in
linking paragraphs.
Whenever you use ideas of other people, give credit. This should happen when using direct
quotes, paraphrasing or summarizing ideas. Make sure that your citation is correct. When you
doubt your skills, you may consider help from professional writers. You will learn how to
cite properly.

5. Revise your paper

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Read your essay to check for common mistakes. Major mistakes may include spelling
mistakes, wrong formatting, unclear points, and improper language such as the use of slangs.
If you find such problems, correct them. Read through again to avoid missing some
Then, proofread the revised paper. You may have overlooked some minor errors. Read
through the essay again to spot them. Reading out loud may help spot such mistakes. Having
someone else check the paper can also be helpful. Writing service helps students proofread
their assignments. A second opinion is always necessary when revising it.


Students want to deliver good papers. The problem is that great writing skills are required to
write top academic assignments. These skills are what many students are lacking. This has
led to a huge demand for essay writing services. As a result, the service is top-ranked in the
custom-writing market. It is expected that this trend will continue for years as more customers
are seeking these services.

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