6 Things that Could get you Banned from Online Casinos

Are you someone who loves to have fun at casinos both online and in-person? Do you know how to enjoy yourself without breaking any of the vital rules? On the other hand, are you even aware of these rules? These might be a bit different for online users and actual Las Vegas venues. If you find yourself playing some games anytime soon make sure that you are well aware of what you’re allowed to do, and what you should avoid at all times. Keep on reading and figure out what could get you banned from online casinos.

1. Using or creating a false identity

This one might seem like an obvious no-no, but some people still end up making this cardinal mistake. Well, you should know that your ID number is vital when creating your account. Casinos will ask for some type of documents (ID, passport, birth certificate) when you’re creating your online account. Casinos will do a background check, and they will invest & try to see if everything is in the right order. Some will even do a quick call check-up to approve of your account. You can also submit your driver’s license for identification purposes while connecting a valid bank account for use & money transactions.

2. Underage gambling

You have to be 18 years old (at least) on most bigger & important gambling sites. Some places demand that you’re 21 years old. Underage gambling is a serious issue since minors are trying to test their luck more & more often. Some teens even have private and unlimited access to the internet along with a fake ID that can come off as an impossible mission to track or look into. What a casino can do is spread awareness & keep a check on its players through random check-ups or security questions. If caught you are going to get banned right away. Do not play the game if you are underage, and rather stay away from casinos till you are legal.


3. Several multiple accounts

Every player is allowed to open only one account per their household. Although this may seem slightly unlogical and it can create a problem for the entire household, it is a rule that applies to most places & cities. This is because casinos record IP addresses, and it is impossible for you to use different email addresses to work around this system. Sometimes, hiding your VPN can’t even help. You can’t use your mom’s or dad’s account and play from their accounts. In some countries, this would even be considered an addictive behavior. If you end up creating an account there is a chance that your assets will get frozen, your email will be blocked, and your account will get banned. It is a risky situation not worth diving into, trust us.

4. Bonus abuse

Have you ever tried to abuse the bonus and trick the system into collecting it over & over again? Making money in the long run by constantly using the bonus feature is easy to spot by the casino itself. You will also get penalized if you do so. Years ago these bonuses were huge and quite lucrative since they had to lure the people in signing up to the site. Wagering requirements were contrastingly low with little or even no restriction to different kinds of games. This did lead to loads of new players who tried to get away with a smaller amount of cash. Online casinos learned from their own mistakes to do proper calculations that will prevent them from losing money, and from people abusing or overusing their bonus. If you try to do so you will get a penalty and eventually get kicked out.


5. Being rude or harassing the customer support agents

Although this is seen as a fun & friendly online activity, there is still a possibility of cyberbullying with most online sites, forums, as well as casinos. Casinos are always talking about responsible gaming, as well as decent behavior. You are not allowed to act childishly or provoke others. Some people might also struggle with an addictive personality, which can also result in anger, rude behavior, as well a lack of respect toward other agents. Some players will act like a victim and will try to blame the casino for their money loss. Do not misbehave, and try to avoid any form of direct communication with the staff if you don’t want to get banned right away. Conflict is never a solution.

6. Violation of terms & conditions

Last, but not least, how well did you read or understand the terms & conditions of the game, or the site itself? Online casinos have strict rules on how the business should operate. The gambling system is a legally controlled system, meaning that it has its set of rules & important guidelines. This means that you need to understand the general terms & conditions if you are a visitor or a player on their site. When signing up, you automatically agree to be bound by these general terms. You will have all the rules & terms and conditions stated on the site and on the side of it. There is usually a Q&A section that you will appreciate, and any type of negligence of terms and conditions could get you banned from the casino.

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