Tips for Preserving Your Rolling Tobacco

Rolling tobacco is an increasingly demanded alternative among smokers concerning conventional cigarettes.

It is usually offered in packs and cans where we can keep it to use the quantity we want when preparing our cigarettes with the corresponding rolling paper and filters.

However, these packs do not always close well, the can in question may break, or the lid may not get the airtight seal that is needed.

As a consequence, rolling tobacco can suffer damage. So it is best not to leave it in these containers, but to use other resources to keep it fresh and in perfect condition for every time we want to use it.

What Happens if Rolling Tobacco is Not Well Preserved?

Even though they seem very similar, rolling tobacco is very different from the tobacco pressed in a cigarette. It is a ground product that must be kept in an appropriate temperature and humidity conditions.

If we don’t preserve these values correctly, what will happen is that tobacco will lose flavor, and texture and may even dry out too much.

In the “best case scenario” tobacco will no longer taste the same, so it will probably not fit your smoking preferences. But it may even deteriorate so much that it simply won’t be suitable for making your rolling cigarettes, so you’ll have to throw it away!

To avoid this, the best thing to do is to have suitable accessories where you can keep the rolling tobacco, with the guarantee that all its properties will remain as intact as the first day.


The Best Way to Preserve Rolling Tobacco

Rolling tobacco seems to be a trend of the 21st century, but far from it, it keeps a very ancient tradition.

Our ancestors already discovered the best way to preserve rolling tobacco, by using wooden boxes, in which it is possible to preserve it to perfection.

Precisely one of the best-known brands of rolling paper and accessories for smokers, Smoking Paper, has among its star products this complement.

We are talking about the Smoking Box, a natural wood box with the Smoking logo engraved on the lid and different compartments inside. This way you can keep the rolling tobacco, the tubes, filters, papers, machines, and whatever you use, all perfectly protected.

A wooden box provides style and elegance, but above all, it guarantees a fresh and dry space where you can keep the rolling tobacco without inconvenience. Besides, it is very practical and you can take it wherever you want.

Other Tips for the Perfect Preservation of Rolling Tobacco

You can also choose a cardboard box as an alternative to the wooden box. You just have to put inside the rolling tobacco and a humidifier stone, previously submerged for 5 minutes in water.

The aim is that tobacco retains as much dampness as possible. You can also achieve this by putting it in the fridge. Put it inside a cling film bag or a special storage accessory for tobacco.

Make sure that it is hermetically closed and that the fridge fan does not directly affect the area where the tobacco is.


And Enjoy Your Rolling Tobacco With the Best Accessories!

In addition to the exclusive wooden box, Smoking Paper offers many other accessories, with which you can enjoy even more your rolling tobacco in perfect conditions.

Its trays with unique designs are becoming very popular among fans, both for their style and for how practical they are when rolling cigarettes without wasting tobacco.

And, if Smoking Paper stands out for something, it is thanks to its rolling papers. An incredible variety of all kinds of paper, in terms of length, thickness, and finish, so you can enjoy your tobacco to your liking.

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