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Tips on How To Repurpose Furniture Pieces

There are furniture pieces that you simply grow attached to for various sentimental reasons. It could be a crib that your children used, a dresser inherited from your mom, or even a one-of-a-kind antique piece. Whichever the case, it is something that you are not at peace letting go of, worn as it may be.

What if you didn’t have to let go of it after all? It is possible to breathe new life into furniture pieces that seem to have their last course. Often, the go-to trick is to slap in a new coat of paint but for old furniture, that may not do. Refurbishing and repurposing it may yield you better results. If you are curious about how you can transform and repurpose old furniture pieces, read on for some tips.

Saw It Up

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It may seem a bit dramatic to start slicing your furniture in half but it certainly works. Take for instance an old coffee table that you feel is outdated. Instead of throwing it out, you can cut in in half or thirds to make stools or bedside tables.

Start by measuring the length of the coffee table and the potential spaces you can repurpose it for. Divide the length by half and make markings for the points at which you will saw. For accuracy, an electric saw would be ideal. After you saw it into halves, proceed to sand down the edges and paint it. Add some planks of wood and furniture feet for stability, if necessary, and voila, you have bedside tables.

Trade Drawers for Doors

A chest of drawers, especially those made of solid wood, is a sturdy piece of furniture. However, even the best of them can begin to look a bit shabby over time. That would be your cue to consider ideas like turning it into a kitchen island or a bathroom vanity.

The first step would be to take out the drawers. In the hollow space that is left, you can put in shelf planks for storage space. Shop around your local furniture stores for doors that can fit the unit. You will also need to consult furniture hinges suppliers on hinge options to ensure the doors are well-secured here.

The next phase will depend on how you would like to repurpose the unit. After the doors are in place, it will be ready for use as a bathroom vanity. If you would like to use it as a kitchen island, you will need to affix a butcher’s block on the top surface.

Add Casters

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If you host often, you are well familiar with the exhausting task of carrying drinks and food out to guests. Not to mention the risk of tripping and dropping a tray full of dishes, glasses, or bottles. A trolley that you could easily cart around to where it is needed would be of great help.

Adding casters to light end-tables is an easy way to make a trolley. Take measurements of the feet of the end-table to guide you when shopping for casters. After you install the caster you will be good to go. Consider varnishing the trolley surface to protect the wood from spillage. You could also add some small metal rails at the top to keep items from toppling over. Some storage at the bottom could also be useful.

Removing Cupboard Doors

Old storage units and cupboards may no longer match your modern space. They may be great for storage but they can seem imposing and unattractive, unlike modern sleeker designs. The doors also creak more and more as they age. You can transform an old cupboard into a bookshelf or an open storage unit. All you have to do is unscrew the hinges and take out their doors. This will give you an open shelf-like design that is less imposing. You will need to sand down and paint over the places where the hinges were. Alternatively, you can paint the whole unit and give it a new look.

Add a Mirror

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At some point, you may no longer need the small desks your children used to use. It would be a kind gesture to donate them to others who do. However, if you are feeling particularly possessive or nostalgic, you can convert a desk into a dressing table.

For this transformation, you will need to measure out the desk to find out what size of a mirror it can accommodate. Consider the weight ratio of the mirror and the desk as well. Once you have made your purchase, you can either suspend the mirror above the desk or join them into one unit.

Open Up the Crib

There are a lot of memories attached to a crib and there is no reason why you should not hold on to them. More so, if you can get a comfortable little daybed out of it. You can take out either one or both of the lengthwise crib sides. This will create an open sitting area in the middle.

Given as cribs are not made to take on too much weight though, consider reinforcing the base. This will greatly improve on its sturdiness and ensure there are no breakages when you use it. Moreover, you will get to avoid accidents that could result in injuries for you or your family members.


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There are many advantages to repurposing furniture. Besides getting to hold on to something you hold dear, there is something very satisfying about a DIY creation. Once you begin to see the repurposing value in different pieces, the possibilities are endless. Plus, it never hurts to get a new piece of furniture on the cheap while helping to save forests at the same time. So, as you plan on your next home improvement project, go ahead and utilize the tips above. If done right, the results are sure to change the vibe of your various spaces.

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