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To Become a Bachelor Professional in Transport Management – The Advantages of Further Training

Anyone who wants to develop professionally can take the leap into a management position with the help of a master academy. In addition to higher earnings, there are other advantages to be gained through additional qualifications. What about transport management? What are the advantages of graduating as a Bachelor Professional of Transport Management at a master academy? In the following article, all advantages are presented and explained.

Who is the master training course?

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Anyone who aspires to a management position in a company wants to become self-employed or wants to develop themselves further can attend a master academy to make their dreams come true. A bachelor professional further career training is possible for anyone who

  • has successfully completed an apprenticeship,
  • has several years of professional experience in the respective industry
  • and brings with him the ambition and commitment to change his life sustainably.

Why should you do the bachelor professional training at the academy?

A successfully passed master examination does not only provide for a higher income, with the conclusion to the Bachelor Professional of Transport Management you have many advantages:

1. Governmental and operational grants

It is possible to complete the master training to become a Bachelor Professional of Transport Management with the help of financial subsidies from the state. For example, the promotion BAföG is very popular because it is awarded regardless of age. It is also possible to take advantage of company subsidies. Sometimes you are contractually bound for a few years if the company co-finances the training to become a Bachelor Professional of Transport Management.

2. Feasible in addition to a full-time job

At the Master Academy, you can rely on different training concepts and complete the master training in an individual time frame.

3. Benefit from tax advantages

Those who continue their professional training can claim the costs for tax purposes. In addition to the costs for lessons and the use of materials, travel costs and even parking fees can also be taken into account.

4. Making contacts for the future

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Those who want to hold their own in the professional world in the long term should try to make new contacts. The Master Academy gives you the opportunity to get to know potential business partners, colleagues or employees.

5. Higher-income

Earnings play the most important role when it comes to the question of what benefits can be achieved through qualification. Career development brings with it a wider range of tasks. In addition to the extended area of responsibility, operational responsibility also increases, as does income.

6. Career prospects

The extended task provides an overview of potential career perspectives. The new findings can help not only to get to know new fields of activity and to be able to take responsibility for them but also to advance in the company structure.

What are the long-term advantages of completing the training?

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In addition to the advantages that become apparent after the successful examination, continuing vocational training also has lasting advantages:

  • strong self-confidence through performance,
  • broadened horizon, wide-ranging perspective on the subject,
  • long-term recognition by colleagues, employees, and superiors,
  • as a master craftsman with training authority, you are highly regarded and valued within the company,
  • the qualification as a Bachelor Professional of Transport Management allows the acquisition of further training qualifications; it is also possible to start a course of study,
  • new job prospects arise because the newly acquired contacts and the wide-ranging perspective make new occupational fields obvious
  • and anyone who intends to become self-employed can lay an important foundation stone with a master’s examination.


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