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Top 5 Flowers to Keep in Your Home During Fall

Nature shows its colors during every season, shaping it in the recognizable photo for everyone whether we are talking about summer, winter, spring, or fall. We all want to introduce the specific theme of the time of the year in our house, right? The best possible chance you can get is by bringing some flowers home. Fall is a uniquely special time of the year when flowers like people, are trying to make a fresh start. Options for your house are numerous for flowers in the fall, but we have narrowed down the top 5 choices.


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When speaking about flowers for your home in fall, there is nothing more characteristic then Mums, also known as Crysanthemum. In the autumn, the typical representative of flowers in your home are Mums, available in many varieties, but the most popular is the yellow-red option that breathes freshness instantly.  Some call them the flag bearers of fall, highly recommended for the living room to enrich the decor with all its glory and nature. If you opt to plant it in your garden, we suggest to keep them well-watered before the cold freezing weather coms and have your hardy mums for next year.

Japanese Anemone

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Such a delicate, paper-like bloom available in different colors but most recognizable in white Japanese Anemone is the second on our list for flowers in your home for fall. Simple at first sight but so unique that it fits any decor, style, and theme any home has. They do not ask for much attention in the room but will complement any choice of furniture you have.  They can be a bit demanding if you want to plant them in your garden, and require time to become established even more than five years. For more similar offers, you can check out Floraqueen.

Fall Crocus

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Fall Crocus, also is known as Autumn Crocus, is a beauty between the flowers for the fall in your home. Dominating pink color with paper-like blooms separates this lower from any other fall-flowering kind you can find. Autumn Crocus is a shy flower that demands shade no sunlight what so ever. The negative side to this option of flowers in your house is that it is poisonous in some small percentage.

New York Daisy

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This is probably the best-known flower from our list of suggestions for the fall in your home. The variety of colors for the New York Daisy start from pink, blue, purple, white, giving you many dilemmas for combinations in the house. The start the process of blooming at the beginning of September and continue until the real cold comes. Fortunately, if you plant this flower in your garden, it will flourish with the rest of them together growing without much-required attention.


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Zinnia flowers are the happiest option for your home in the fall we can think of. The look and the color symbolically represent good feeling because the dominant bright colors vary in red, pink, yellow, and orange. When implemented in the living room, they give positive energy to everyone looking at them and draw smiles on their faces. Usually seen at birthday parties, weddings, and similar occasions in the fall as an unavoidable natural theme. You can also visit for more interesting articles and tips for flowers.

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